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Trend Alert: LED Eyelashes Turn Your Face into a Rave Get ready to shine

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The latest beauty trend doing the rounds on Social Media? LED eyelashes, the biggest thing since light-up sneakers!

While these flashing lashes are still in the initial Kickstarter phase, the world is ?loving? them. They’re essentially tiny LED strips adhered to the eyelid using lash glue. The only downside of these light-up lashes? The annoying, bulky controllers that have to be worn somewhere to power them. But, since the inventor has already raised double what he’d anticipated from his online campaign, it’s only a matter of time before F.LASHES – as they’re called – become more user-friendly. They also come in seven different colours and flash in response to your movement. We DIE.

In fact, we’d put money on f.lashes becoming the go-to accessory come Festival season. Roll on, summer!



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